Safety Tips for Oil and Gas Industry Workers

Safety Tips for Oil and Gas Industry Workers

Every workplace has some type of danger levels to it and there is nothing you can do to make them go away. Some involve a lot of danger and some less, for example, people who are working in the oil and gas industry have quite the danger in their workplace. Usually, when working with substances that are highly flammable or held in a pressurized bottle, you need to take some safety measures in order to be safe as you can. In this article, we are going to show you some safety tips for oil and gas industry workers. If you work in this industry, then you will most definitely appreciate these tips because they can save your life.

Safety Program

Not every company will provide a safety program for their employees and that is a big problem because we think that it should be a must. Most people think about these safety programs as a waste of time, but the things that you can learn in these programs can save your life in various situations. While working, you never think about these possibilities, but they can happen at any time and if you are not prepared, you won’t know what to do and that can lead to even more problems. Investing in a safety program for your employees is a very helpful thing because a lot of issues can be avoided.

High Machine Maintenance

High Machine MaintenanceThis industry is very big and most of the work is done by huge machines that people operate with and if just one of those machines is not regularly maintained, the person who operates with that machine can get hurt. Also, if people are working around that machine, they can also be hurt. That’s why we strongly suggest that you always maintain the machinery that you have at your worksite because you never know what might break.

If a machine isn’t maintained at all, there are high chances of it breaking sooner or later. There isn’t a machine that can repair itself or maintain itself, that’s why you have to do it. Always hire professional mechanics who will check each and every machine that you have for your workers. If a machine is too old for the job, you need to replace it with a new one. Not only it will be far more efficient, but it will also raise the safety standards at your workplace.

Top Three Tips to get into Oil and Gas

Top Three Tips to get into Oil and Gas

If you are looking for a long-term career that will allow you to live a very comfortable life and have a family and have the ability to afford various things, then the oil and gas industry is definitely something you should consider. The reason why we recommend to so many people to try and get into the oil and gas industry is that you can create a career and you can progress which is very important in every job. Now, if you don’t know how to get started and what you need to do to get a job in this growing industry, then you are in the right place to get all the necessary information.

Be Confident

Just like with every job, people are scared when they are applying for a certain position in the oil and gas industry, but you really should be because unlike other industries, here you will be accepted no matter what your background is. Of course, you must have some type of expertise where you feel confident and that is required in this industry. For some positions, you don’t even need to have a specific set of skills, you just need to have the willingness to learn from senior colleagues. That is something that is highly valued in this industry, that’s why we suggest that you feel confident when applying because you will have much better chances of getting the job.

Discover Your Interest

Working in the Oil and Gas industry requires certain skills, but you can gain those skills with time, you just need to discover what is that you find interesting. If nothing really interests you in this industry, then you should continue your search for a job, but once you find something that you like, you can start working on improving the skills that will be required from you. In case you have some previous experience that you can use here, then you are very lucky because you will have a far easier task.

Sell Yourself

Sell YourselfApplying for a new job is always an exciting and scary experience, but if you really want to get the job, you have to go through it. Most people don’t think a lot before going to an interview or before turning in their CV. Well, you don’t want to be one of those people, you want to clean your CV and make it unique. The employers will see the effort that you put into creating your CV and if you show that you are passionate about the job, then you will sell yourself to them.

In most cases, employers don’t look at the skills that you have necessarily, but what they do look at is the confidence and the way you talk to them during the interview. If you show them that you want to learn and that you want to work hard, then they will appreciate it and they will most certainly hire you. If you take our advice and follow these steps, you should have no problems getting the job you want.

The 3 Biggest Oil Refining Countries

The 3 Biggest Oil Refining Countries

United States of America

When it comes to some of the biggest oil refining countries on this world, we must put the United States on the first place without any doubt because they have around 18-19% of the worlds complete refinery capacity.  When compared with the second refinery capacity which is around 12%, you start to realize just how big oil is in the USA. As of 2013. There were 139 operating refineries counted in the USA because that was more than five years ago, we can only assume that number went up significantly and they have around 200. Not only they have the most refineries, but they have some of the largest ones in the whole world.


Of course, next on our list right after the USA, it is China with around 12% of total capacity. Unfortunately, we don’t have any fresh information on how much barrels of oil they produce per day, all that we have is from 2012 or 2013 and we are sure that those numbers are not the same anymore, that’s why we don’t want to give out any specifics. China itself is a big country and with a lot of population, so it is not surprising they have invested a lot of money in the oil industry. Not every country has the ability to invest in the oil industry, you need to have more than just money, you need to have oil that you will be harvesting from the earth. The next country is far larger than China and, but they are not using their full power on these refineries.


Russia Oil RefiningWith no surprises, the third country on our list is Russia and as mentioned above, they are not even focusing that much on the oil industry as the USA and they still managed to be the third largest country in refining oil. Some research showed that back in 2012. they had more than 40 working oil refineries in Russia. Compared to the USA they don’t have that many refineries, but they still manage to get the third place because beneath their country lies a lot of oil that just waits to be extracted.

Just imagine if they had the same number of refineries working as the USA, they would definitely take over the first place because some people say they have far more oil than any other country. Some people say they don’t want to build a huge oil industry just because it is bad for the environment, but some say it is because of the USA. Russia is a big threat to the entire oil industry and they play smart. Maybe one day we will see Russia rise to the number one place, but until then the USA is the winner.


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