United States of America

When it comes to some of the biggest oil refining countries on this world, we must put the United States on the first place without any doubt because they have around 18-19% of the worlds complete refinery capacity.  When compared with the second refinery capacity which is around 12%, you start to realize just how big oil is in the USA. As of 2013. There were 139 operating refineries counted in the USA because that was more than five years ago, we can only assume that number went up significantly and they have around 200. Not only they have the most refineries, but they have some of the largest ones in the whole world.


Of course, next on our list right after the USA, it is China with around 12% of total capacity. Unfortunately, we don’t have any fresh information on how much barrels of oil they produce per day, all that we have is from 2012 or 2013 and we are sure that those numbers are not the same anymore, that’s why we don’t want to give out any specifics. China itself is a big country and with a lot of population, so it is not surprising they have invested a lot of money in the oil industry. Not every country has the ability to invest in the oil industry, you need to have more than just money, you need to have oil that you will be harvesting from the earth. The next country is far larger than China and, but they are not using their full power on these refineries.


Russia Oil RefiningWith no surprises, the third country on our list is Russia and as mentioned above, they are not even focusing that much on the oil industry as the USA and they still managed to be the third largest country in refining oil. Some research showed that back in 2012. they had more than 40 working oil refineries in Russia. Compared to the USA they don’t have that many refineries, but they still manage to get the third place because beneath their country lies a lot of oil that just waits to be extracted.

Just imagine if they had the same number of refineries working as the USA, they would definitely take over the first place because some people say they have far more oil than any other country. Some people say they don’t want to build a huge oil industry just because it is bad for the environment, but some say it is because of the USA. Russia is a big threat to the entire oil industry and they play smart. Maybe one day we will see Russia rise to the number one place, but until then the USA is the winner.